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Cool Key offers you a variety of keyboards and keys designed for every occasion. Customize your keyboard, type a series of text by simply tapping a key, it can really speed up your workflow.

1. Macro Keyboard, you can customize categories and macro keys. The key may include a series of text and macros, like customized date&time stamp, the function of deleting characters and moving cursor, etc... There are many built-in macros in Cool Key, just add it, and then edit them accordingly to your needs.

2. Assistant keys can be found at the very top line of the keyboard. include arrow keys, word keys (to navigate between words), Unicode Symbol Key etc. you can hide/resize the bar easily by tapping it or swiping it down/up. 

3. Standard Keyboard. tap the Unicode Symbol Key(T) on accessory bar, select a symbol, you can input any unicode symbol characters by using the standard keyboard.

4. Special Characters Keyboard: contains 20 categories and more than 2000 special characters.

5. Emoji Keyboard: composed of 5 categories and 471 emoticons.

6. Article Keyboard: made up of 400 popular characters/emoji article pictures in 14 categories(animals, love…)

7. Crazy Text Keyboard: makes your text input interesting. For example, ‘upside-down’ enables you to input inverted characters. 

9. Support disable/enable Keyboard and keyboard categories. 

10. Decorating your keyboard with different colors, you can change the background color, the text color, the highlight text color and the button style.



Cool Key V1.0