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Cool Rabbit Studio

What is new in this version?

Add Advanced Editor for rtf/txt , the basic editor for txt is still supported, The Advanced Editor supports the following features: 

1. Supports displaying line numbers along the left side of editor. 

2. Supports jumping to a specific line-number within the editor. 

3. Supports setting margins, Margins allow you to add white space to top, right, bottom and left borders. 

4. You can turn off the Word Wrap, so that you can read/write text from left to right with horizontal scrolling.

 5. Highlight insertion point: current line highlighting (the line with the insertion point is highlighted with the color of your choice).


Cool Writer V5

6. Supports setting line spacing. 

7. Supports setting tab width. 

8. Writing paper line for rtf editor supports.

The following is version 5.0 overview document, select the lanaguage:

Cool Writer is a perfect application for taking notes and writing and editing text. The features don’t stop there. The application also includes support for PDF and image file conversion, and opening and printing images, as well as PDF, Microsoft Office, and iWorks documents. It comes with five cool built-in keyboards for you to input anything in a convenient and fun way...

酷写不仅仅是一款非常棒的记笔记、文本输入与编辑的应用程序, 它还集成了pdf, 图片的转换, 图片/office文档/iWorks文档浏览打印等功能, 同时内置了5款特色键盘让你方便高效的输入想编辑的内容...

酷寫不僅僅是一款非常棒的記筆記、文本輸入與編輯的應用程序,它還集成了pdf, 圖片的轉換,圖片/office文檔/iWorks文檔文档瀏覽打印等功能,同時內置了5款特色鍵盤讓你方便、高效的輸入想編輯的內容...

Cool Writer это не только замечательное приложение для написания заметок, создания и редактирования текста, но и замечательное решение для конвертирования созданных или отредактированных файлов в формат PDF или графику. Cool Writer поддерживает открытие и печать изображений /PDF/ офисных документов / документов iWorks. Для Вашего удобства в нем есть 5 встроенных клавиатур, чтобы вводить данные наиболее удобным и быстрым способом...