Cool Apps

Cool Rabbit Studio

How to enable Cool Key


1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard... and choose "Cool Key"

2. Click "C̫o̫o̫l̫ K̫e̫y̫" and enable "Allow Full Access", if you disable this option, the Macro Keyboards, Themes, Sound and Keyboard Settings will not work.

3. If you have questions about "Allow Full Access", check Cool Key Privacy.

Switch Keyboards

1. You can touch and hold the \"Global\" key to show all keyboards. To choose a keyboard, slide your finger to the name of the keyboard, then release.

2. You can also touch the \"keyboard\" key on the assistant key bar to choose the keyboard.

3.To hide the assistant keys, or change the size of the bar, simply tap the bar or swipe it down/up.