Cool Key V1.0

    Cool Key offers you a variety of keyboards and keys designed for every occasion. You can define your own macro keys in macro keyboards,  type a series of text by simply tapping the key.

1 Macros Keyboard

    You can customize your own categories and keys. The key may include a series of text or macros, like date&time stamp, deleting characters, moving cursor. For example, the key which includes “Today is $datetime(LLLL d,Y)$, I am typing text by using Cool Key at $datetime(hh:mm a)$$cursor(-8)$”  includes 2 parts of text and 3 macros.

1.1 How to add macro keys and categories?

    To define your own categories and keys in macro keyboards, tap the "Customize Macro Keyboard" in the main page.

1.2 What is macro

    The macro is in between the character ‘$’, it includes 1 to 3 parts, the first part defines the macro’s type, it represents the macro’s action. The second or third part is included in the parentheses , they define the macro’s format and more information. For example, the macro “$cursor(-2)$” means move the cursor to the left by 2 characters; the macro “$datetime(LLLL d,Y)$” means format the current time as text like “November 10, 2014”.

    There are many built-in macros in Cool Key, I recommend adding it, and then editing them as what you need.

 Cool Key V1.0 include the following macro type:

2 Themes

    Personalize your keyboard with different colors, you can change the keyboard background color, the text color, the highlight text color and the button style.

2.1 Manage the themes

Tap the “Customize Color Keyboard” to select the keyboard theme,  add or modify the theme.

2.2 Edit the theme

    If you want to change the name of the theme, just tap the name on the top, and then type a new name.

3 Contact us

    We have many features to add Cool Key. In case of any suggestions or questions, like bug report, feature request, or others. Please feel free to contact us:

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    Willing to receive your letter!

    We sincerely hope that you enjoy the app.