Cool Writer V5.0


1 Introduce

    Cool Writer is a perfect application for taking notes and writing and editing txt/rtf. The features don’t stop there. The application also includes support for PDF and image file conversion, and opening and printing images, as well as PDF, Microsoft Office, and iWorks documents. It comes with five cool built-in keyboards for you to input anything in a convenient and fun way.

2 Write

2.1 Create/Open a txt/rtf file

☛ Create a txt/rtf file:

    To create a new file, tap '+' on the bottom of file list page, and then select "New Text File" to create a txt file, "New RTF File to create a rtf file.

☛ Open a file:

    To edit/view an existing file, tap the file in the file list page.

    Cool Writer supports editing Non-binary files such as c, cpp, html, xml , js, css, php…) and multilingual text-encoding of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic, Ukrainian, Thai, Central European, Vietnamese, Turkish, Baltic and more.

Plain text editor

 Change the app themes. See Themes

 Preferences. See Set Preferences

 Search the text.

 Type and read in full screen mode.

 Lock writing orientation; Information about the text: storage information and Word, character & line counts.

 More options: Send Via E-Mail; Send As Mail Attachment; Send Via SMS; Convert to image/PDF; Print, and more

RTF editor

 Modify the selected text format ( font style, color, size).

 Spell check.

To edit the text, tap and start to type. The text is auto-saved at a regular intervals, or when the page is closed.

2.2 Accessory Keys

    Accessory Keys are standard keyboard extension, these keys enable to write and edit text conveniently at a faster pace:

  1.  Switch key: switch between the keyboards.

  2.   Arrow keys: Navigate between characters.

  3.   Word keys: Navigate between words.

  4.  Up/Down keys: Navigate between lines.

  5.  Undo/Redo keys.

  6.  Smart Select keys.

  7.   Copy, Cut and Paste.

  8.  Smart brackets keys.

  9.  Smart Date/Time keys.

  10. To customize See Customize accessory keys.

2.3 Built-in Keyboards

    To switch keyboard, tap the  key. You can also touch and hold the key to show all keyboards, To choose a keyboard, slide your finger to the name of the keyboard, then release:

    Cool Writer has five cool built-in keyboards for you to input just about anything in the most convenient and fun way:

★ Special Characters Keyboard: Contains 20 categories and more than 2000 special characters.

★ Emoji Keyboard: Composed of 5 categories and 471 emoticons.

★ Article Keyboard: Made up of 400 popular characters/emoji article pictures in 14 categories (animals, love, people, and more)

★ Crazy Text Keyboard: Makes inputting interesting. For example, ‘upside-down’ enables you to input inverted characters.

★ Shortcut Keyboard: Define your own categories and add keys, which can be any texts. Saving your time of inputting text. To customize this keyboard, please see the Shortcut keyboard


    To add or remove those keyboards, go to: Preferences → Keyboards.

2.4 Others

2.4.1 Convert to PDF/Image

☛ Tap the () button, and then select "Convert to PDF" or "Convert to Image". The converted PDF or images will be displayed, and the background, font style/color will be shown in PDF and image completely.

☛ You could then save, email or print the converted files.  You can Change the PDF/Images options by taping the  button on bottom left, and enter the settings page:

Once you change the PDF options, the PDF/Images will be generated again.

2.4.2 Air Print

    Tap the () button, and select "Print" in order to print the text via air print.

2.4.3 Send via email or SMS

2.5 Advanced Editor

The Advanced Editor for rtf/txt has been added since version 5.0, the basic editor for txt is still supported, you can select the editor for text in settings. The Advanced Editor supports the following features:

3 Manage your files

3.1 Storage List

    Storage list shows all available storages, including local device storage and cloud storage. Cool Writer support two cloud storage: Dropbox and iCloud. Tap the  button in the root file list page to show the storage list.

3.2 File list page

    This page displays all files and folders stored in the local device or using cloud storage.

 Change the app themes, see Themes

 Sort files by name, size, type or time.

 Set Preferences, see Set Preferences

 Add a new text file or folder.

 Change how the files are displayed: you can display items in list, icon or thumbnail view.

 Tap the button to rename, copy, move or mail the files/folders, See Other file command

3.3 File Synchronization

    Besides storing your files in the device, Cool Writer also supports Dropbox and iCloud for synchronizing and storing documents:

3.3.1 Dropbox

    In order to use Dropbox, you are required to Link Account: tapping the “Link Dropbox” button in the "Preferences→Dropbox", and then linking with the service using your account. The difference between Cool Writer 3.5 and its previous version.

    The Dropbox sync feature has been improved since version 3.5, You won't need to import/export files manually anymore, Cool Writer will automatically sync files/folders in "Dropbox" storage with Dropbox between different devices.  The synchronizing mechanism is similar to that of the PC and Mac Dropbox client, Cool Writer keeps a local copy of any file you have previously opened or edited, so that you can access it offline.

    Note: Some Dropbox functions such as "Auto-upload edited file" and "Add files from Dropbox" in the previous version are no long necessary, and have been removed from version 3.5. An edited file that in local storage will not be uploaded to the Dropbox. How does it work? File list page in Dropbox Storage

    The screenshot above shows how the file management interface in Dropbox storage looks like.  There is a  (refresh) button on the bottom toolbar, while the other buttons are exactly the same with file list storage in local storage. Tap  to check whether the files in the folder have been changed on the server and to download any updated versions in the background.

The icon to the right of each file shows its' synchronization status:

  1.  This icon indicates the file exists on the Dropbox server but not on the device. and the file icon is translucent.

  2.  This icon indicates the file has a local copy on your device.

  3.  This icon indicates that the file was created locally and is not uploaded.

  4.  This icon indicates that the file has been modified locally and is scheduled to be uploaded.

  5.  This icon indicates that the file has a copy stored locally, but the copy file is not the latest version ( The file has been modified on the server ).

3.3.2 iCloud

    iCloud syncs documents across all your devices. Any documents you’ve created or viewed on your device will be available for offline use. Any documents you create or edits you make offline will be synced automatically the next time you use while online.

    Use iCloud. It is very convenient if you want to access documents from the same app you created them in, the app is available for both your iPad and iPhone.

    Note: iCloud is only available on iOS5 or above.


☛ How to set up for iCloud

    On your iOS device go to Settings, then iCloud, enter your Apple ID, make sure "Documents & Data" is set to “On.”

    Note: you must restart Cool Writer after you set up iCloud.

3.4 Other file command

3.4.1 Delete files/folders

    There are two ways to delete files:

☛ Delete file/folder by swiping the file/folder item as you do in most other iOS apps.

☛ Tap "edit" button located on the top of file list page, select all the files you want to delete, and then tap the "delete" button on the bottom tool bar ( or tap "more"->"delete" ).

If you delete file(s) in Dropbox storage, you can undo the operation on Dropbox website.

3.4.2 Copy/Move files

    Tap "edit" button on the top of file list page, select any files/folders and then tap "Copy" or "Move" button on the bottom toolbar.

    You can copy(upload) local files or downloaded iCloud files to Dropbox or copy downloaded Dropbox files to local storage or iCloud, However, you are not allowed to move local files or iCloud files to Dropbox or vice versa.

3.4.3 Rename file/directory

    Tap "edit" button on the top of file list page, select a file/folder, and then tap "Rename" button on the bottom toolbar.

    For editing text files, you can change the file name conveniently on writing page: Tap the title name, Cool Writer will give you optional titles base on the content of your document. Select the title you like.

3.4.4 Email files 

    Tap the "edit" button on the top of file list page, select any files, and then tap the "Email" button on the bottom toolbar.

3.4.5 Zip files

    Tap the "edit" button on the top of the file list page, select any files, and then tap "Zip" button on the bottom toolbar.

    Note: Cool Writer does not support zip files in Dropbox storage.

3.4.6 Open In

    Long press the file item to open the file in other App: tap and hold the file, and you will be prompted with a menu:

4 Themes

 Cool Writer currently offers 12 beautiful themes. You can also create your own skin using your photos from your photo library or customize the color of the paper lines, background, toolbar and text .

4.1 Change the app themes

    Tap the  on the left bottom corner, use your finger swipe right/left over the options to scroll through the list, and then select the background you want:

    Different built-in skins have different font and paper line color.  If you wish to change the color of the toolbar, body, text or paper line, we suggest you select the colorful skin option or import an image as skin from photo album or camera:

☛ Colorful skin: tap the "Colorful Skin" option to customize your colorful skin theme. You will then have control over the color of paper line, background, toolbar and text.

☛ Import an image as skin: You can import an image from photo album or camera, and then process the image.

5 Set Preferences

    Cool Writer preferences let you to adjust things like your keyboard customization, fonts & paper lines settings, passcode protection, Dropbox account setting and much more. To set your preferences, tap the   button on the file list page or text edit page.

5.1 Customize your keyboard

5.1.1 Customize accessory keys.

☛ You can add, remove or reorder accessory keys by selecting "Preferences→Accessory keys".

5.1.2 Customize Built-in keyboards

    To disable or enable built-in keyboards or keyboard categories, tap the  "Keyboards" in the Preferences page. and then select the keyboard you wish to modify.

    Note: you can disable the shortcut keyboard, but you can not disable the shortcut keyboard categories you have created.

5.1.3 Shortcut keyboard

    To define your own categories or add keys in this keyboard, tap the "Shortcut keys" in the Preferences page.

5.1.4 Keyboard clicking sound

    You can turn off the clicking sound of keys on the accessory bar and the built-in keyboard by switching the "ExtKeyboard Clicks Sound" OFF.

5.2 Settings for Plain Text&RTF Editing

You can change the settings for Plain Text&RTF Editing in Preferences page:

5.2.1 Settings for Plain Text Font name and size

To change the font name and size on writing page, tap the "Fonts" option: Writing paper line

To change the writing paper line on writing page, tap the "Writing paper line " option: CRLF line break

    CRLF is an acronym for Carriage Return\Line feed, In some writing applications such as the Windows Notepad, the line break is CRLF, therefore, if you wish your text file to open normally in these apps, you should turn ON this option. Save text encoded in

    By default files created in Cool Writer are saved in Unicode, if you open a file with UTF-8, it will saved in UTF-8. You can change it to Unicode or UTF-8 in this option. Editor

    You can change the editor for text editing, if you select "None", You will be prompted to select the editor when you open a text file. Advanced Editor Options

    You can change advanced editor settings for plain text in this page. includes line numbers, margins, line spacing, tab width, word wrap, current insertion line color.

5.2.2 Settings for RTF

    RTF Editor also supports writing paper lines, the advanced editor for RTF supports line numbers and margins.

5.3 Passcode Protection

    For security, you can create a passcode, Cool Writer will require you to enter the passcode when you open the application or bring Cool Writer to foreground.

    Turn on passocde: Enter a 4-digit passcode, and then enter the passcode again to verify it.

5.4 Dropbox

    Set your Dropbox account and shows the list of files to download and upload.

5.5 Wifi File Transfer.

    Tap "Web Server" item.  Then tap "Start" button.

wifi transfer

    You can also transfer files via USB using iTunes, Simple launch iTunes with your iPad/iPhone connected, click your device in the devices column, click the Apps tab, and select the "Cool Writer" app.


1. How do I switch back to plain background, instead of a picture which I set up earlier from my album? and how do I get a plain white background with black text?

Changing the background is very easy, just tap the button on the left bottom corner, and use your finger SWIPE RIGHT/LEFT over the options, select the background your want, check this: Change the app themes

2. How do I print text( or convert text to pdf/images ) in portrait not landscape?

You can change the print size in settings, please goto Preferences->Conversion settings(Text to PDF)->Page Size, if you select "Default ( display resolution )", the size is compatible with your device, you can print(convert) your text in portrait or landscape by changing your device to portrait or landscape, check this: Convert to PDF/Image

3. I have your APP ON 2 IPADS. Is there a way to set up app so that the same notes show up on both IPADS

You can sync files on different device by iCloud or Dropbox, check this:File Synchronization